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Hypnotherapy FAQ


 Will I fall asleep ? Will i struggle to wake up? 

 You may fall asleep, everyone is different. You will be in a relaxed position on a couch or reclining chair with a blanket over you to feel comfortable. The subconscious doesn’t switch off and does hear sounds voices and we can tap into this whilst asleep. Often people wear headphones to fall asleep with and recall a therapy, story or piece of music the following day, although they insist they were asleep. Most people drift and find it easy for suggestibility to bring them back to a gentle relaxed state. 


Will I be made to do things I am not comfortable with?

 No this is not a talking therapy as such unless you wish to divulge anything which of course will remain confidential. If you are suffering with a trauma and need further assistance in a mental health field or similar I can refer you on to the relevant organisation. Secrets, confidential information, confessions are not what Hypnotherapy is about. This should not be mistaken for the stage hypnotism whereby candidates taking part are completely happy for information to be given as part of the entertainment.




HypnoBirthing  FAQ

Who is suitable for HypnoBirthing?

 Anyone and everyone is suitable. Whether you are a first time parent (known as a primip) or had previous babies (known as a multip/many babies grandmultip) –  homebirths, caesarean sections, vaginal births after caesareans (VBAC), breech pregnancies, multiple pregnancies, parents of previous stillbirth, teenage parents, same sex couples, single parents, parents from the Deaf Community (I am basic sign language trained). High risk/low risk. Absolutely anyone can benefit. Also if your birth preferences do not go to plan (often known as Birth Plan) then HypnoBirthing can still be used and you will benefit tremendously. 

Is HynoBirthing safe?

Yes. Completely safe. HypnoBirthing has five elements to it that involve total Relaxation, Visualisation/Imagery,  guided Self-Hypnosis, Affirmations, and use of Breathing Techniques. The techniques are being offered to you as a powerful positive tool for when you go into labour. There is no magical mystic witchcraft involved. Its completely safe and totally relaxing for you as a family. Many mums and dads report that with subsequent pregnancies they have continued to use these tools and perhaps returned for a refresher course but you never lose those skills previously taught you.

 (Hypnosis has been around for many years particularly for use in Dentistry and surgery Hypnotic Anaesethesia now widely used for pregnancy and labour to subconsciously numb areas of discomfort. Please see testimonial from a client of mine who has received treatment for her dental phobia.


Holistic Therapy FAQ

Can Reflexology assist me to go into labour naturally?

What we do say is that it can stimulate the natural process if your cervix is favourable anyway. Babies have a protein in their lungs which recent evidence believes stimulates the start of labour. If a woman is at least 39+ weeks i am happy to work with her depending on individual circumstances and providing all is low risk. What we try to achieve is total equilebrium and for the woman to feel totally relaxed and in turn this can often start labour off. There are reflex points that i am trained in to get things moving however my ultimate goal is to relax so things progress normally in the safest way possible. To date i have worked with approximately 5 women who have received reflexology and progressed into labour between 5 and 9 hours post treatment. One being my partners daughter with her 2nd baby in November 2016.

Can i have two treatments at the same time in the same session?

 We would recommend that if you are going to have 2 therapies a facial and indian head massage would benefit as they are stimulating the same muscles in the same area. However if you were to have a reflexology session and a facial this is far too stimulating for the body. You may have experienced two treatments at a therapy spa and felt absolutely fine however we do not carry out this as evidence show stimulation can be harmful and you may experience feeling unwell. 

If i have had surgery can i still have an indian head massage ? 

During your consultation with all therapies your medical history will be discussed of which is confidential. If surgery has been recent we can discuss treatments and what you wish to achieve having the treatment, i.e to relieve headaches. Ocassionally we may need GP or Consultant consent just to ensure your health and safety is not jeopardised. 

For facials what products are used? 

Neals Yard Products are used of which are organic and paraben and chemical free. I use these products myself and they are very popular, excellent quality and beautifully packaged. 


Will regression therapy be used with this type of Hypnotherapy?

 No – you may find that whilst in what we call ‘Trance’ you may experience a memory that you recall as part of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.  We don’t look into the past, we help you to use visualisation as a tool to relax you and to refocus. For example if talking about a boat it may spark a memory from a holiday or a recent event. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy does not use regression therapy – the opposite in fact – we use tools to assist you focusing on the future. There are elements of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Often if you wish to discuss anything in particular elements of Psychotherapy is used. 




At what gestation of pregnancy will I benefit?

Ideally suited from approximately 20 – 24 weeks onwards. Do not worry if you are later than this we can tailor your package to support your needs and requirements and you will still benefit from the sessions that we can fit in. There are many other HypnoBirthing practitioners that offer this service sooner than 20 weeks – I prefer to offer this service when you have had the Anomaly scan to ensure all is well and to confirm as best we can there is one baby or multiple or if there are any special circumstances (a medical condition or issue to work with). However if you prefer to book earlier than 20 weeks this is fine as long as you are happy to do so as this is your choice.

What if I cannot afford sessions but really want to book?

We can tailor a package to suit you. We can arrange a financial agreement so you can pay monthly via cash, BACS or Paypal and we can spread the sessions to when you can afford them. Ideally the fee is to be paid with a 50% deposit non refundable as the preparation and work involved is extensive. However if you are concerned please get in touch.

If I have a planned caesarean can I still HypnoBirth?

Yes of course. Please see above of Who is Suitable. There are no limits as to who will benefit. The Theatre staff and Midwives will and should adhere to your wishes in relation to bringing a CD or pictures that you need to assist you in your situation to enhance your environment as best you can. 


A group of my friends wish to have infant massage sessions, how does this work?

There is no minimum or maximum number, however the more you have the cheaper it is for you as a group. You will receive an oil which is paraben and chemical free, a folder of massage techniques and a 45 minute session. These can continue and can be spread out over 4 sessions. There is no age minimum for massage as we massage our babies the minute we are born without realising, when massaging feet or head for soothing. It is a natural instinctual process to touch. 


How many sessions will I need?

You may require 3-6 or more depending on what the situation is and of course depending on your finances. There is no set period in which you need Hypnotherapy.

It is highly  recommended by the wonderful Gastroenterologist/Hypnotherapist Professor Peter Whorrall in IBS patients 12 sessions is about average. This depends upon how you feel and what your circumstances are in terms of perhaps taking time off work to attend, or having an evening consultation. There is no set pattern. This can be discussed. For Phobias and fears 3 sessions will suffice. For smoking cessation an anxiety session is usually carried out within my practice and a longer session is sufficient.

During Hypnotherapy will i be in control?

Yes you will be in complete control/ You can open your eyes at any time. Often people are so relaxed they feel they cannot open their eyes or move a muscle as they are so deeply at peace. The music and my voice will calm you and you can drift off into your own world with a warm blanket on the soft leather couch. You are in control at all times. Just aware of you total tranquility.



I am 36 weeks pregnant? Is it too late for HypnoBirthing?

I recently had a client who happens to also be a friend and a previous midwifery client (I was her 1:1 midwife). At 38 weeks she received an express HypnoBirthing session in one evening at a very reduced cost. She reported 12 days later that she had her baby 10 minutes after admission to hospital. Her previous pregnancy and labour was very different and not a HypnoBirth experience. She is amazed at how different it was and how much more calmer she was. It benefited her and her baby with support from her partner although it was as late as 37 weeks when she initially had HypnoBirthing techniques offered to her. This lovely lady only had 12 days to practice and succeeded.

Do I need a birth companion with me?

Ideally yes, whether it be your partner, mum, best friend, doula, sister it is worth having a birth companion with you to support you please see Benefits of HypnoBirthing page.

Will I be enticed to do embarrassing things and divulge confidential information?

Absolutely not. As mentioned above Hypnosis during pregnancy and childbirth is not used as the Stage Hypnotism is used. That is all for showmanship and entertainment and those candidates that are on the shows that we see on TV and in the Media are offering themselves to be ‘used’ as an entertainment source for our viewing. That type of hypnosis has no medical benefit or emotional benefit. The self hypnosis that we teach you in your sessions and also for home teaching and for the birthing process ensures at all times you are in complete control. You are able to open your eyes whenever you wish, that you are able to hear the voices, sounds of everyday life around you. It is a myth that we put you ‘under’ and ‘your back in the room’.  You will not divulge anything unless you choose to do so. You will not be made to eat onions or run around like a chicken to make a fool of yourself – this is a different thing altogether. This is for your total relaxation, for mind and body.


If i wanted to book a pamper party or hen party what are the minimum numbers? 

Minimum numbers are 5 in a group whereby the HOST receives a Free treatment. 

I am struggling to conceive will reflexology help? I am considering IVF. 

This can certainly help. Particularly in line with hypnotherapy. If we tell our bodies to do something it follows what we tell it. So if we are negative our bodies will follow. If we are positive and there is no medical reason why a pregnancy cannot go ahead then this can certainly be achieved. The mind is very complex and often when we dont think about conception and we just enjoy day to day living often things occur naturally. Pre conception care is vital for a healthy mind and healthy body. I am more than happy to discuss diet, minerals, exercise and healthy lifestyle to improve your chances of conception for you and your partner.  We can look at DNA ideas and how to go about checking for deficiencies in the body or assist with referrals with the medical route if this is what is required. 

I want a reflexology treatment or indian head massage? im unsure can i decide on the day and i dont wish to use oil?

That is absolutely fine, you can decide on the day, often people dont like their feet being touched. If they have been given a voucher and they would prefer to change to an alternative treatment this is of course your choice. You will be surprised though when they get into the therapy chair with soft music and lighting with a diffuser blowing lovely aromas of lemon or geranium, they seem to enjoy the gently reflex points being touched and also enjoy the oils on the hair, however this is down to your personal preference.