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Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies

Holistic Therapies are all based on working on the whole bodily systems – emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, physiologically, allowing your body and mind to be totally calm, within a tranquil setting to enhance harmony. All treatments are commenced once a full consultation has been carried out with your full consent, in confidence. If GP input is required which is a rare occurrence this may be essential to allow your health and wellbeing to not be compromised due to any medication or other treatments you may be gaining from.


With the use of the therapists experience in holistic arena there is a package of care to suit most needs of clients. Holistic care can be used on anyone any age. From babies who benefit from Reflexology and the ‘Power of Touch from newborn age up to clients who are terminally ill, including children with special/additional needs. All are beneficial.

The therapist has been DBS/CRB Enhanced checked to work with children and adults.

Treatments available :

Reflexology/ Maternity Reflexology

Hands/Feet/Arms/Calves, Leg massage Reflexology

Holistic Facials

Indian Head Massage 

Infant Massage 






feetThis is an ancient method of touch massage to the reflex points within the feet, hands and ears. Reflexology is known to be originated from Ancient Egypt, China and India. It is known to restore blocked energy flow within our bodily systems encouraging equilibrium to encourage our bodies to heal itself in times of wear and tear.

William Fitzgerald used Zone therapy in the early 20th century with the idea that the zones within the body represents parts of the feet, ears and hands. He was an American ear nose and throat specialist. He decided and concluded that when putting pressure on parts of the zones on the feet this in turn relieved pressure and reduced disease. Eunice Ingham in the 1930’s redeveloped the concept of the map of the foot and called this Reflexology.


More specifically we work on the feet to offer the body an equilibrium to harmonise the body to heal itself. We as therapists do not heal you!  Almost we offer the techniques of touch to encourage the body to heal itself. Offering the bodily systems to enhance its natural equilibrium. We also do not diagnose any conditions. A full confidential consultation is carried out prior to treatment. Advice offered to continue a healthy routine.

Benefits include :

  • Reduction of Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms (IBS),
  • Digestive issues
  • Promotes increased sleep / reduction of insomnia
  • Reductions of headaches / migraines,
  • Can eliminate or reduce toothache
  • Relieves back pain, pelvic girdle pain / SPD
  • Can relieve symptoms of arthritis
  • Increasing total relaxation
  • Can assist with fertility problems (non specific)
  • Regulating menstrual cycle / reduces painful periods

Maternity Reflexology

Do you have pelvic girdle pain?  Are you now ‘term’ and wishing to have some relaxation to prepare you for the birth of your baby? Do you need to de-stress from just finishing work, perhaps you have busy lives with other siblings in the home? Do you suffer with backache with your ever growing bundle? Do you have odema (swelling) to your hands ankles or feet? Or do you just need a pamper – some time out, some Me time?

The picture below shows you the reflex points that are demonstrated within the foot mirrored within our bodily systems.


As a midwife/reflexologist I would treat maternity reflexology from 39 weeks and no sooner. You would be lying in a semi-recumbant position on a reflexology bed/couch and i would check your blood pressure prior to and after treatment if you wish.

woman-child-doctor-hospitalReflexology can help when using the correct system of reflexes improve chances of your labour to being a relaxed experience. Also if your cervix is favourable Reflexology does not promise to naturally induce your labour however when relaxation is enhanced there is more chance of your labour occurring sooner rather than later, but not always guaranteed. A full consultation is carried out in confidence. Advice offered to continue a healthy pregnancy.

With a use of creams that are vegan and vegetarian friendly, not tested on animals, do not contain parabens/methylparebens or shea butter, that drag your skin, the smooth creams glide gently to ensure total relaxation. If you prefer oils these are also natural products vegetable and plant derived. Why not combine your reflexology with a gentle holistic facial to ensure your skin is really glowing beautifully.

Arms, Legs, hands, calves, feet

All massage for hands, arms, legs, calves and feet are usually in addition to other treatments such as Reflexology or Hypnobirthing when discussing light touch massage, however these can be booked separately. Sometimes it is just so relaxing to treat ourselves to an hour of pampering so we can get on with our already busy lives.

If we take time out occasionally to do what we enjoy, things become more manageable in an environment that can be difficult to organise a stressful hectic work-life balance.foot-740206_1280

Benefitting circulation to the capillaries within the fingers and toes and assisting with Arthritis or carpal tunnel if massaging the wrist areas. The use of Effleurage massage is used with a medium such as cream that is paraben and chemical free.

Why not incorporate this lovely treatment with a reflexology session.

Holistic Facials 

A treatment to smooth, relax and brighten the facial muscles in the most gentle of ways. A totally serene holistic facial using products that are vegan and vegetarian friendly, not tested on animals, paraben and chemical free. No shea butter or beeswax that drag the skin. No petroleums, no perfumes, no steroids, no alcohol. Dermatologically tested. The products are those that I use myself on my own skin and im often told I do not look my age as my skin is radiant.tan 8 (1)

Why choose cosmetic surgery when you can have the Serenity holistic facial. This is carried out with you lying down on a couch/bed, with a cleanse and exfoliation to remove any debris or makeup, toner to allow that fresh feeling, mask (removed after a few minutes with warm water and hand mitts), eye gel, lymphatic drainage to your facial area, massage techniques are used that can ease tension in the zygomatic area (Cheeks).

Massage to ears, neck area. The neck is also cleansed and massaged towards the large Sternocliedomastoid muscles.

Evidence suggests it rarely hurts as a muscle but can cause stress causing headaches and neckache, balance problems, visual disturbances. This huge muscle is in two parts starting at the bottom of the skull behing the ear to the clavicle. Head massage is carried out whilst mask is working. Advice offered on how to continue a healthy skin routine.


Benefits include:

  • Improves skin tone
  • Reduces spots / acne
  • Opening skin pores within your skins dermis and epidermis layers and allowing them to breathe
  • Reduction in black pores/white heads and skin infections
  • Can reduce headaches
  • Reduction of eyestrain
  • Increased circulation
  • Induces relaxation
  • Relieves tension
  • Slow and precise pressure points to reduce pain with certain areas


Indian Head Massage (Champissage)

This powerful treatment consists of massage to the head, scalp, face, neck and shoulders, upper arms, ears, by use of oils if preferred promoting total relaxation. This treatment offers benefits to the mind body and spirit and its lasting effects are very powerful.

Indian Head Massage has been passed down from generation to generation within large families as women used to practice this technique within the family promoting increased health with women and their daughters hair. Thus promoting well being, positivity and total relaxation. Indian Head Massage has been used in India for thousands of years. It is known as ‘Shampooing’ in many hairdressers salons.

The therapy is mostly received in a seated position. This position is Ideal for pregnant women as lying flat can cause you to become uncomfortable. The person receiving this treatment remains fully clothed if preferred or if oils are used a towel can be used, to cover you to allow the oils to get to the shoulder area and upper back to protect your own clothing. However this is not essential.   A full consultation is carried out in confidence. Aftercare advice offered to promote wellbeing.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced hair growth with use of hair follicles being stimulated
  • Reduction in headaches/migraines
  • Reduction in neck strain from driving or being in a sedentary position
  • Reduces eyestrain, congestion to the facial area, including sinus issues
  • Induces well being and increased positive sleep patterns
  • Reduction of insomnia
  • Improvement of scalp with use of oils
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • improves tone of skin
  • Reduction in stress and fatigue
  • Helps to balance and promote energy centres within the body to improve psychological wellbeing
  • Improves concentration


Why not incorporate your Indian Head Massage with an holistic facial to round off a perfectly relaxing pamper!

Infant Massage 


A beautiful wonderful addition to your family has arrived. We massage our babies without really knowing. We stroke, we touch, we cuddle and caress from the moment they are born.

Research now shows motor skills and intellectual development is increased with babies that are massaged regularly. Immune Systems are also improved. Its our natural instincts to touch.

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I am an Infant Massage Instructor able to show you how to massage your own baby whilst I work on Harry my massage doll. Within this class whether 1:1 or in a group you will receive a handout with techniques, natural oil and the chance to make friends if in a group setting.

Usually recommended if babies have hip issues once the 6 week check has been carried out.

Benefits include:

  • Bonding with parents / foster carers / grandparents / siblings
  • Reduction in colic
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Calm baby
  • Has an effect on hormones promoting less crying
  • Eases teething discomfort
  • Improves circulation
  • Can reduce constipation
  • Improves digestion
  • Mentally, socially, physically improved skills