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Hypnobirthing Antenatal Education



Within the last few years Hypnobirthing has become very popular in the world of birthing naturally.  Nowadays many countries around the world use hypnotherapy in labour and childbirth effectively as a form of self hypnosis to reduce their fears in labour. Since Hypnobirthing has become popular with midwives, therapists and parents to be and also widely used now within the NHS there are thousands upon thousands of parents who have been enlightened with the wonders of the techniques we offer you to birth your baby in comfort in a completely different way to what we are used to. We are basically reverting back to what Nature had intended. The Serenity of Hypnobirthing surrounds us.


Whether you wish to have 1: 1 Classes or group sessions there are ways in which we can cater for your specific needs. Many mums have a fear of labour and birth ; Tocophobia. Please do not worry reassurance is given throughout your courses and by the end we will empower you to birth you baby in the calm environment whatever your circumstances.


Whether you have chosen to birth your baby within the hospital setting perhaps a planned medical caesarean, birth centre or plan a home birth, Hypnobirthing can be used with methods such as deep enhanced relaxation, visualisation, self-hypnosis, breathing techniques, imagery, meditation, working on the basis that its an educational process to improve confidence, empower you as parents to gain control of your chosen birth, your chosen path and to make informed choices of how to birth your baby. You would not run a marathon without training for it, you would not expect to learn a skill immediately it takes time and an open mind to learn a new set of fantastic skills to enable you to have correct tools to empower you in the birth environment. Therefore the use of Hypnosis during pregnancy and childbirth is an invaluable tool for you to utilise those strengths and to practice breathing to prepare your uterus, your body and your mind to work in the way nature has intended it to do in a calm, tranquil manner.


As trained Hypnobirthing Childbirth Educators and midwives we are honoured to have received the correct adequate training in all aspects of care to ensure you receive all the tools you need. I was trained in the Mongan Method and Katharine Graves programmes of teaching, however more and more NHS Trusts, NCT practitioners and the like offer workshops, group classes and 1:1 with the amazing fresh look offered by The LIttle Birth Company, which is an up to date method used by many UK midwives – an effective programme to assure you of total relaxation. Whilst Hypnobirthing cannot guarantee total pain free births unfortunately, however wouldn’t that be wonderful, we can guarantee your birthing experience will be unique to you and we do all we can to ensure all your fears are reduced and that you enjoy the experience as best you can. 


Your birth companion is an integral part of the Hypnobirthing journey and we encourage your birth companion to join us to enable you to enjoy your birth experience.

As i said before Hypnobirthing does not promise to remove all discomfort during the labour and birthing process, however many have reported very little discomfort compared to previous hospital experiences where perhaps medical intervention has been used. Some advise through extensive research that they felt very little discomfort and enjoyed the whole birthing process. Please see FAQ page to answer some of your questions. 

For many years women have been offered negative stories from well meaning family and friends when discussing their experiences. They are conditioned to believe birth is expected to be unbearable and offer horror stories. With this shrouded by fear is it any wonder the body that is naturally built to birth babies gently transfers its fears to the unborn child causing further stress. Elimination of discomfort and fear can be demonstrated by watching educational programmes during your Hypnobirthing sessions to guide you to trust your body and trust in your natural instincts to release these fears. Giving you the confidence of which nature intended to birth your baby gently, calmly and Harmoniously. When your are confident your baby is born into a more calm and confident environment and this is often shown with the evidence of APGAR scores.


APGAR scores explained

Developed by the Anaesthesiologist named Virginia Apgar in 1952. It is an Acronym easily recognised as Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity and Respiration. This is a quick, painless, and effective test that is performed on a newborn at 1 minute after birth and a 5 minutes after birth to determine the newborns health. The 1 minute test is carried out to determine the tolerance of how baby coped with birth and its processes. The 5 minute test is to determine the babys outcome within the outside world and its environment.  With Hypnobirthing Babies, Apgars are higher than those babies not having had Hypnobirthing. 


(Intrapartum care for healthy women and babies. NICE GUIDELINES CG190, 2014)




BenefitFor MUM


  • Increased confidence
  • Empowering to be in control
  • Understanding harmony of mind and body
  • empowering you to make informed decisions
  • Less need for medical intervention (medication, epidural, episiotomy, Ceasarean section, induction)
  • Learning new techniques such as correct breathing, deep relaxatimumon, visualisation, imagery, self-hypnosis, affirmations
  • Promotes mindfulness
  • Promotes healthy nutrition to support you and baby through pregnancy and labour
  • Learning techniques to support oxygen levels to baby
  • Reduces /eliminates fear, anxiety and fatigue – removing the FEAR TENSION PAIN syndrome
  • Reduces labour time
  • Promoting total relaxation
  • Encourages skin to skin
  • Reduced incidents of postnatal depression
  • Improved bonding with baby
  • Improving /increasing natural protection instincts towards mum to be




  • Acts as an advocate within any setting on behalf of mum to be (hospital, birth centre or home birth)
  • Feels empowered – protecting mother and unborn child
  • Empowering mum to be offering a supporting role – a major integral part of the birthing process
  • Ensuring mum to be has the space she needs without interruption fpexels-photo-69096rom anyone unless they are chosen to be involved
  • Prompting all  the fantastic  affirmations you learnt in your sessions to encourage mum to focus – remember also that she may require peace and quiet
  • Learning easy massage techniques
  • Offering fluids to discourage dehydration and snacks to increase energy levels
  • Fathers role to ensure the Relaxation CD is played at the relevant times
  • Increased confidence
  • Taking the lead with cord clamping (plus Vitamin K, Physiological third stage/Syntometrine) if chooses to have these post birth
  • Promotion of skin to skin with mum and himself
  • Will be listened to by MUM – a voice of comfort who she trusts more than anyone
  • Offering vital continuity of care
  • Encouraging mum to continue to do well
  • Ensuring birth preferences are adhered to as much as possible
  • Takes the photographs too – don’t forget your camera!
  • Ensuring voices are kept to a minimum with dimmed lighting




  • Improved initiation with breastfeeding and maintenance of feeding.baby
  • Improved sleep patterns and behaviour
  • Improved bonding with mum and dad
  • Less need for intervention post birth i.e. resuscitation
  • Evidence suggests babies who have been hypnobirthed have higher APGAR scores than those who have not
  • Calmer baby
  • Less crying 
  • Reduced documented illness
  • Reported to settle sooner post birth
  • Happier babies and toddlers