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Blog & Events page

Blog & Events page

May 2019

New: Pregnancy Relaxation Classes available. Book now for 1:1 or groups. See prices page for further details.

New: Positive Caesarean Workshops available. Book now for 1:1.

New: Workshops for all – a condensed course (3 hour workshop).  All with Cotswold Hypnobirthing in association with The Little Birth Company.

The Little Birth Company

Live on BBC Radio Gloucester Thursday 19th October 2017

If your wondering how you can challenge yourself through times of adversity listen to my interview on BBC Radio Gloucester on Thursday 19th October at 10am where i will be discussing the issues of how i manage and juggle life as a single parent with a child with special needs whilst holding down a self employed role as a hypnotherapist, having been through some tough times, such as bereavement, divorce, family disassociation, job loss, and a university degree. Just like many have and are still going through, yet we can overcome these issues even when we feel we have no support network around us. The positivity that surrounded me was my own to begin with and then that spiralled. People tend to step away from negative people and situations so i ensure positivity is around me and my world. Life is not perfect but everyday when i wake up i now tell myself that the day will be a good one. To embrace it and all that comes with it.  When we release serotonin our thoughts change, and when our thoughts change our serotonin increases. So learn to relax and don’t be hard on yourself or your expectations.. A happy cycle of events will ensue.