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Blog & Events page

April 2018

Hypnotherapy and Sports Motivation – it works!



This article in the Daily Mail reveals the extent of Hypnotherapy and its relevance with how it can help with sports motivation.

An interesting article one that will cause debate and has done so for many years. Does it really work? My take on it is that when you choose to change your mindset for the better, for your highest benefit you are then able to achieve huge goals once you know how your brain works. With clinical hypnotherapy just like the article and the writer suggests, the stage hypnotherapy can work however this is the real stuff of little gems, that really has the power to increase your awareness once you take on board your strengths and skills and to believe in yourself and your abilities, not to focus on failure or what you cannot do. What you think is what your mind will act upon. If you think negatively there is no positive outcome until your ready to change your mindset.  If you find yourself in this position where you need to enhance performance or you wish to achieve a better higher self – what are you waiting for!

January 2018
Birth Trauma
This is a subject that is often very difficult to talk about.  Discussing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can often lead to the sad or traumatic events not resulting in closure to the point where your emotions are managed to a satisfactory degree or level for you to move on in an appropriate way to continue life the best way possible. If you are finding this is the case there are many avenues for you to seek help and support.
Trauma from pregnancy itself or post birth can impact your life in a very negative way if those incidents have not been identified appropriately by the health professionals dealing in your care. Offering counselling or meetings to identify where things went wrong can potentially prevent such occurrences in the future so that certain medical decisions can be avoided or health professionals can be made aware of situations earlier on. However often a situation has little explanation. Perhaps there is no rhyme or reason as to why a situation has not been prevented.
Apportioning blame is a common theme as we want someone to be accountable, which is difficult particularly if there is no blame. All the emotions of anger, frustration, loss, heartbreak, heightened emotions to a point of depression, etc if not dealt with can lead to mental health trauma that is ongoing affecting relationships, trust, fear and your future health in terms of further pregnancy and emotional wellbeing.
There are a number of ways to action what has happened :
  • Gaining trust and a good relationship from your health professional so that an explanation of the incident can be made clearer and further support can be offered and sought
  • Seeking counselling to deal and manage your feelings and that of your family and children
  • For further pregnancy and support seeking advice from a Hypnobirthing Practitioner such as myself to offer you the information required to deal with circumstances that may not go along with the ‘normal’ processes of birth, plus awareness is crucial in Hypnobirthing sessions
  • Hypnotherapy to manage your perception of the trauma and to allow your feelings to remain positive as best as possible to enable future pregnancies if this is in your future plans and to also start to heal your heartbreak
  • Looking after yourself is key – mindfulness and wellbeing with relaxation is so important to enable your mind to remove the negativity associated with the trauma so preventing you from moving on to a place where you are able to cope better
  • Speaking in support groups on social media to likeminded families who have experienced the same or similar situation
  • Allowing you the support to you and your existing children as the whole family may require support
Speaking to a clinical hypnotherapist with midwifery experience and hypnobirthing such as myself at Cotswold Hypnotherapy Rooms for your future wellbeing may help you in your journey to never forget your wonderful experience of your newborn yet can relieve the memories that were negative that your holding onto whether its recent or not so recent Trauma can affect each and every one of us in so many different ways.  Please seek help as you are not alone.
Further help advice and support can be found at www,birthtraumaassociation.org.uk



December 2017 NHS Choices and Hypnobirthing Choices 

It Seems the NHS is in the News again. This is such a shame with the amount of Midwives, GP’s/Consultants and Nurses that are being trained. It seems the NHS is overstretched again in resources, staffing, funding and increased patients particularly this time of the year January is the busiest month for the NHS. To relieve the stresses within the NHS we can do our bit by being mindful of what we are eating, increasing exercise, thinking about our mental health before we end up in crisis and also to educate ourselves with topics such as Hypnobirthing. When i had my daughter 24 years ago i had never heard of Hypnobirthing. When i had my son 13 years ago i had again never heard of hypnobirthing. 

Education is crucial to our learning experiences and environment. If we have knowledge of subjects that we are interested in we have more control over our individual lives. If you are intersted in Hypnobirthing particularly on a 1:1 basis with me please contact me on 07927 615613 as the experience of your most wonderful birth is a memory never to be forgotten. Visit my testimonials page where you will watch the video of Aimee who gave birth to Beatrice in 2016. Aimee had to have a ceasarean section due to unforseen circumstances during her labour experience, however she had the most peaceful memories and even the anaesthetist could not believe how calm she was. Recommendation is the best information you can gain. From the clients who book with me and the memories that they have made. Birth is not all doom and gloom and also it is not always perfect. things dont always go to plan. Howe er if you are realistic in your approach as i am when i teach; as i teach the facts as a former midwife as recently as November 2017, where i inform you about what may happen if things dont go to plan, then you will be armed with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your birthing plan. I recently heard someone say in a Hypnotherapy lecture that ‘they dont tell you about the bad bits during labour’. It does not need to be ‘bad’ if you ask questions, gain the relevant information and seek professional advice from an experienced health professional who will be open and honest about birth. It can be the most wonderful experience, we are realistic in our approach. 

 Mental Health Radio One – Lets get talking – Dec 2017


The latest information relating to mental health is being scheduled on Radio One as a regular slot to highlight the importance that everyone has a ‘mental health’.  Is it an issue? It can be if we have feelings and thoughts that we do not want.

Why do we often feel embarrassed to discuss our mental health, ashamed even to acknowledge it that it perhaps is some sort of failure to do well, or failure that we have not done enough to make others proud? Feelings of low self worth, low self esteem and low confidence.

So what is mental health? And who can be affected by it?

Mental Health is the the way in which we think, react and behave. Our thought processes can have a profound effect on our ability to act on things either in an appropriate way or inappropriate way. What we think we usually do. So if we are thinking of doing something positive we usually act positively. If we think negatively we often react negatively and do less as our motivation reduces the ability to think clearly. It is often a cycle we struggle to get out of on our own.

Anyone of any age can be affected by this whether it is yourself, a loved one, whether you are going through it and your family or friends are with you every step of the way, no age, race, colour, status, religion, gender is immune.  Why do we get mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, OCD? It is thought by health professionals that it is a combination of nature and nurture. So with certain experiences and what we are exposed to, certain situations and also how we are born, perhaps in our DNA structure and genetics.  There is ongoing research every day into mental health and what we must not do is hide it.

When i have clients visit me for hypnotherapy I usually describe it as falling in a well, a dark well, alone, and you can hear people around you and see a little bit of light above you, yet you struggle to see it clearly almost like a blurred vision of what is above you, you see the rope that is there to be able to assist you to climb out but each time you try to go near the rope it moves away and its out of reach. You want help yet you feel it is too far away. Does this sound familiar? It makes sense to me. Why ? Because i suffered with my mental health due to lots of issues in my life. I reached for that rope and i climbed out. I did not do this alone. I made the decision to get help initially alone, as i wanted to succeed in everything i do, so  then i reached out for help to my GP who was tremendous support and it was this that became the rope for me….the helping hand, the voice of hope. Many people feel they cannot do it alone, they think they have to but you don’t have to.  I struggled for a while on my own, but the rope kept slipping, So i felt it was time to ask for help. There is no shame in this. Now i am proud to say i suffered with my mental health and i overcame it. Without medication.

3 things saved me. Hypnotherapy training to become a hypnotherapist, my son who needed me and my GP to tell me i was needed!

How can you overcome the dark well that seems so hard to climb.

  • Speak out, get help, and talk, talk, talk to whoever this may be a friend, partner, professional, Hypnotherapist, counsellor, GP, mental health nurse.
  • Write a diary….acknowledging your feelings and owning it – writing the words that mean something to you then don’t feel so hard to say. Write down how you feel and why. Then write what you are going to do as a plan of action step by step to start climbing.
  • Hydrate yourself well. Fluids are required to enable your major organs to function. Without appropriate fluids your thought processes become less clear, you become dehydrated which can cause serious harm to your emotional wellbeing and your health in general. Concentration levels diminish. Brain function is not clear.
  • Eat. And do it sensibly. When we eat the wrong foods we become lethargic and feel worse.
  • Engage with people. Join in. You may not want to on a regular basis, however when we socialise with people we like, our serotonin levels increase. Laughing is good.
  • Watch a good movie, something light hearted and fun, with a friend.
  • If you need a GP…. go! There is no shame in this. That is what they are there for. Support is required.
  • Speak to work colleagues and/or your manager. They should and often do understand. Take time off if you need. Your mental health is important.
  • If you have children inform the teacher. An understanding teacher will then be understanding of the situation at home and can offer support that you may not even know about.
  • Joining a support group online is invaluable. You are not alone.
  • If there is something that you have stopped doing that you love…..go do it.Why stop. You never know you may make new friends and start to enjoy more things that you never knew you could.
  • Getting exercise also boosts our hormones and gets the heart rate going.
  • Sleep. Insufficient sleep can affect our mood, our ability to make good choices and can affect our appetite.
  • Have some quality me time. a complementary therapy such as reflexology, a massage, a meal out, a yoga class, starting something new, volunteering at a club, hospice, hospital, animal centre, childrens clubs, elderly assistance, even a neighbour in need. This can also boost our sense of worth knowing we are helping others.

Remember you are not alone.

Hypnotherapy changed my life and it can change yours.


Tracey x



New Hypnobirthing classes – November 2017 

To be held at the Regency Practice in Cheltenham.

FREE Taster sessions to begin with and then new classes in groups commencing November 2017 10-1pm and 2-5pm sat and sun. Please see prices page and hypnobirthing page for information and to book your place. Limited places available.






Live on BBC Radio Gloucester Thursday 19th October 2017


If your wondering how you can challenge yourself through times of adversity listen to my interview on BBC Radio Gloucester on Thursday 19th October at 10am where i will be discussing the issues of how i manage and juggle life as a single parent with a child with special needs whilst holding down a self employed role as a hypnotherapist, having been through some tough times, such as bereavement, divorce, family disassociation, job loss, and a university degree. Just like many have and are still going through, yet we can overcome these issues even when we feel we have no support network around us. The positivity that surrounded me was my own to begin with and then that spiralled. People tend to step away from negative people and situations so i ensure positivity is around me and my world. Life is not perfect but everyday when i wake up i now tell myself that the day will be a good one. To embrace it and all that comes with it.  When we release serotonin our thoughts change, and when our thoughts change our serotonin increases. So learn to relax and don’t be hard on yourself or your expectations.. A happy cycle of events will ensue.