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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

 Solution Focused Hypnotherapy



Solution Focused Brief Therapy now known as Solution Focused Hypnotherapy was initiated by a gentleman called Milton H Erickson who contracted Polio when in High School, born in the United States then became a Psychiatrist and Hypnotherapist of course once recovered. He acknowledged that whilst he was ill, focusing on his future was how he was inspired to become well. He used visualisation to discover a different mindset and focus on getting well within his recovery.

Steve de Shazer and his wife Insoo Kim Berg were the originators of Brief Solution Focused Hypnotherapy focusing on the solution not the problem.

This type of Hypnotherapy can be used for a wide range of therapies including Depression, Anxiety, Phobias/Fears, stress, confidence building, smoking cessation, the list is extensive.

 Hypnosis comes from the greek word Hypnos, meaning sleep. However, although it shares some important features and characteristics hypnosis is not actually sleep. Your mind can be adapted to changing negative into positive, also allowing your mind to relieve stress, and to sleep better. Hypnotherapy is a deeply relaxing experience where you are in total control. This is very different to the stage hypnosis you may have seen on the TV. We do the serious stuff. We offer a natural and holistic approach to enable you to have a better approach to daily life. 

During an initial consultation your medical history and circumstances will be noted.  It is of great importance for the client to understand how the brain works to be able to focus on how we can improve in our positive thoughts and positive mindset. A discussion of the working memory, thoughts and emotions and how anxiety or OCD etc affects our daily lives will be described for you to gain an understanding of why we behave the way we do and why our brains react the way in which they do. Once we understand this the process can begin. Therefore enabling and inspiring you as the client to change for the better.

rose-165819A Free relaxation CD or MP3 is given to you to listen to at home in preparation for your first session and then a meeting will be arranged for you to have your first Hypnotherapy session. Hypnotherapy is not usually carried out during the Initial Free consultation.

Often 4-6 sessions are required however depending on your finances, focus, requirements and commitment we can tailor your sessions to however you would like to proceed. I am CRB/DBS checked and Fully insured as a fully qualified hypnotherapist and also insured with Holistic Insurance. I also hold the certificate for the Hypnotherapy Diploma (DSFH) & the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD).

At this present time Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is carried out at my home address and at the Regency Practice based in Cheltenham. Prices vary depending on your circumstances, how many sessions you require and adult prices and children also vary. Im happy to discuss a payment plan if you are on a low income. 

Have you ever been in such a comfortable chair or couch perhaps sat by the window sun beating down and your glazing out to the fields in the distance or watching the children play and your mind wanders, daydreaming.


Or sat in front of a warm log fire gazing into the colours within the fireplace drifting, yet awake. This is trance. Trance is used within hypnotherapy.

Maybe you’ve driven on a path or route you have driven many times before and you don’t remember arriving at your destination.  

This is the same feeling as trance work. We go into this slightly altered stated approximately 6-8 times a day on average.  Ultimate relaxation.