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My Story

My Story

Tracey Jayne Inglis (BSc Hons), DSFH, VTCT, HPD

Tracey Jayne Inglis (BSc Hons), DSFH, VTCT, HPD

Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Return to Practice Midwife, Holistic Therapist, Reflexologist, Infant Massage Instructor, Fertility Coach

“Having taken up several hypno sessions with Tracey, I found that she is caring person that genuinely likes helping others. Time is taken for you to discuss (knowledgeably) what help is needed and how she may help you move forward. I have never felt rushed and always felt comfortable with the service she offered.  I truly recommend Tracey, she helped me!”

J Marsh

Medium Clairvoyant

My Story

Welcome to Cotswold Hypnotherapy Rooms!

Im Tracey a mum of 2 children based in the Gloucestershire area, in the South West of England.  My background has allowed me to transfer and combine all my skills working within the caring profession i now find myself in. As a midwife, Hypnobirth practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Holistic Therapist and Fertility Coach. 

Secretarial work and a Police background started off my journey. This gave me the skills i needed to allow me to grow in my confidence. 

I then found an interest in health care and holistic therapy. I trained as an Holistic Therapist specialising in Maternity Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Holistic Facials and Infant Massage since 2006. Then i found Midwifery. I gained an Access course qualification to apply to University where I trained at Edge Hill University which was highly competitive in the North West of England. I gained my BSc (Hons).

I continued searching for that ‘something missing’ aspect. I continued in Midwifery and found NHS was not for me. I became Independent so therefore I offered Antenatal classes, Postnatal sessions and Parentcraft on a 1:1 basis.  I then found HypnoBirthing. Having trained in this field i found i was empowering women and their families to gain further insight to the mode of birth, place of birth and choices they wished for. This was inspiring. 

“Ive only had one hypnotherapy trial session with Tracey and have already benefited tremendously. Having suffered OCD and traumas all my life I’ve seen a significant reduction in my OCD since the session. Tracey took the time to listen to me and i found her voice both calming and relaxing. The environment was perfect for the session and I was made to feel at home and relaxed. Thank You. “

H Mottram

Dog Walker

This fascinated me : how women can birth their babies in a calm, relaxed environment, without the Fear After all Fear = Tension = Pain. So therefore we encourage the use of positive language, affirmations, self-hypnosis, total relaxation, offering you complete control in your birthing environment. Its a great advantage for mums to receive HypnoBirthing particularly with the experience of a midwife to hand offering her information to make informed choices. Having your birth companion with you during your most wonderful time is crucial so we offer you the tools to make this a magical journey. 

I now offer packages on a 1:1 basis, group setting or workshop for the smaller budget or if time is limited. Classes are offered at my home using The Little Birth Company’s wonderful package which is becoming popular in the UK, particularly within the NHS Midwives so I decided to embark on this popular self hypnosis therapy offering the chance to birth in a calmer environment. 

Now i specialise in Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy where I trained at the CPHT in Manchester with some fabulous colleagues. This type of hypnotherapy focuses on the future and not dwelling on the past experiences that offer us trauma. We offer you the client tools and the empowering journey to focus on new solutions to enhance your future reducing anxiety, allowing you to fulfil your work commitments, building relationships, self esteem, in the hope that the negativity built up is removed.  We discuss the brain and how we think and why we think the way in which we do. Our thoughts impact how we react in a situation. Our thoughts become feelings. Through relaxation and hypnosis you can change your life for the better. With commitment, focus, positivity and determination to change. 

As a Fertility Coach i find it is a fabulous ‘Tools for Life’ kit that equips you emotionally and therefore physically allowing you to structure your life in a more manageable way. Qualifying in early 2019 this is one of my new skills that i practice with couples that wish and desire to have the skills to manage their fertility journey much better. Often the desire to become parents and to become pregnant impacts massively on your emotional well-being as an individual and also as a couple. This journey enables you to get back to who you once were or even better still to become a stronger person to deal with what may be ahead of you in your Fertility Journey. A clarity call is a great way to see how i can assist you both as a wonderful couple to move forward.

Clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is the best of its kind. It was introduced or rather ‘borne’ by David Newton based at the Clifton Practice who developed the concept of combining Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (SFH) and Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP). He realised all three could be achievable together. So with a commitment from the client and with a willing to change the way our thoughts and behaviours are manifested a positive solution is possible.  I am also qualified in working with Teenagers, Chemotherapy patients and smoking cessation clients along with much more specific issues such as anxiety and motivation to name a few. 

Its not magic or the stage hypnotism you see on the television or in the media whereby you are often made to run around a stage barking like a dog or galloping like a horse!  You are completely aware of what you are doing, and you are in a peaceful state of relaxation without divulging your darkest secrets. You are in total control. What SFH does is move you forward to make positive changes through trance experience, affirmations, encouraging your brain to alter its negative state, using visualisation and total relaxation.  You are 4 times more likely to concentrate and understand the use of language when in hypnosis more so that when you are in a maths exam. Your brain is working 4 times harder. 

An initial consultation is required to establish how you move forward. SFH is not focusing on the past but your future. You will receive a CD or MP3 to enhance the hypnotherapy experience to encourage further positive change. It does vary on the amount of sessions you may need. Please contact me for further information.

Please contact me for more details.  If you are willing to commit to change your life for the better please see the extensive list here whereby you can find a way to help you through hypnotherapy and elements psychotherapy. 

Where do i practice ?

I am currently practising in the calm surroundings of my home, and soon there will be a summer house/log cabin whereby therapies will be even more sedate and tranquil. If you prefer a therapy room can be used or we can discuss visiting your home if you feel this would be more suitable.