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This Morning introduced the issue of anxiety of which they seem to tackle often in recent months. The X Factor success in James Arthur struggled with his demons with anxiety and addiction and he knows only too well how this dark cloud made him feel that there was no way out. He managed to acknowledge he had a problem and received support. It is all too often that we know of at least 1 person suffering with anxiety or depression. Low mood consistently can appear to be this deep dark well that we just cannot seem to climb out of. As if the rope is being pulled away from each step we take forward. We just feel we cannot hold on.

Why do we feel we cannot talk about it?  Is it a stigma that people really are not interested? There is help out there. Hypnotherapists help with issues such as this and we are able to help.

You are not alone in this journey. Changing your mindset and your focus on positive aspects can literally change your mind on how you process negative feelings and your future. Getting support can feel like someone is listening – we are here to hold your hand and guide you through.


Tracey Inglis

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