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Wow i was a little sceptical about hypnobirthing, but thought i would give it a go because labour number one was really tough and made me anxious when i found out i was expecting number 2.

So pregnant with number 2 and did a crash course with Tracey at 37 weeks. WOW. Practised every day for two weeks and managed to go into labour and accidentally hypnobirthed my way to being fully dilated at home! Supposed to have a water birth at my birth centre!

Rushed to the birth centre only to give birth 4-5 mins after arriving. Hypnobirthing helped me to stay calm, relaxed and focused even when the surges got really strong. What a beautiful and positive way to bring your unborn child into the world. Thank you Tracey again for helping me with my second pregnancy. I also had reflexology and it was relaxing and soothing. Give this lovely lady a try you wont be disappointed!”

This kind lady had me as her independent midwife during her first birth however needed assistance in Hospital.  I was her hypnobirth practitioner for her 2nd baby so continuity of care was crucial to build that bond and special trusting relationship. 

Mrs J Zala, Coventry

Please click on the link below to watch a video review from a very happy client who has received a number of hypnotherapy sessions and has seen a huge benefit to her life in so many ways. 

Kirsty runs her own business and since this video was made she has had Hypnotherapy for a tooth extraction.  I asked her how her levels of anxiety were prior to her visit to the dentist. She said she was about a 7 out of 10 in terms of her anxiety and worry.  After a few sessions Kirsty was a 2 out of 10.  Her review for her dentist visit is available to view on www.facebook.com/cotswoldhypnotherapyrooms where she states she was calm and not even bothered about the tooth extraction. Kirsty had other sessions for other issues that she overcame and has grown in confidence and ability to now tackle whatever comes her way and sees life now as a positive challenge. 


Today I had the most relaxing hour of my life! Tracey gave me reflexology and it was amazing. It was the first time I had tried a full session of reflexology and I’m so glad I did, not knowing what to expect, I was a little nervous, but not once did I experience any pain or feel uncomfortable. I had 1 hour and could have lay there all afternoon. I enjoyed it so much. Would highly recommend Tracey’s professional and attentive service. Will be booking again!

Mrs L Trigg, Cheltenham

Very professional reflexology massage! Tracey worked with me on a number of occasions to help me relax, relieve stress and work on some stomach problems through excellent reflexology techniques. Also provided very relaxing Indian head massages, which help relieve the stresses of a hectic life and job. Unfortunately I no longer live in the UK so cannot continue to work with Tracey but would highly recommend anyone to try a treatment. Very professional. 

M Jackson, Warrington